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Discover the Vwaza Reserve

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve covers an area of 986 square kilometers. It is a highly attractive place to anybody who likes wildlife. There is a wonderful mix of vegetation around Kazuni lake in Vwaza, brachystegia forest and thin mopane woodland and marsh. It is this rich variation in habitat that attracts such a splendid range of birdlife, about 270 species. Large mammals like elephant,hippos and species ofantelope should be seen on a short visit in the dry season. Buffalo are also often spotted.

Vwaza Reserve

Vwaza Reserve (Source Wikipedia).

Lukwe Ecocamp has much more information, we organise an occasional excursion to Vwaza.


Lukwe - Kazuni 100 kilometers. It's quite possible to cycle this stretch in one day in the dry season via the back road to Rumphi.