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Discover the Nyika Plateau

The Nyika Plateau is a rolling wholeback grassland plateau unique in Africa. Much of this highest and most extensive high plateau surface is gazetted as the Nyika National Park. It extends for about 3134 square kilometers. This great plateau tilts gently from 2500 meters in the west down to 2100 meters in the east.

Nyika Plateau

Nyika Plateau (Source Wikipedia)

Nyika means "where the water comes from" and this is one of Malawi's most important water catchment areas. The water reaches Lake Malawi often by way of waterfalls on the eastern edge of the mountains.


There are roughly 200 orchid species which generally flower from January to February. The Nyika supports the greatest variety of birds, over 400 species, found anywhere in Malawi, Nyika also protects almost 100 species of mammals.
The most popular of Nyika's wilderness trails is the Livingstonia trail, which leads from Chelinda all the way to Livingstonia and to Lukwe on the Rift Valley Escarpment east of the national park. This three-day, two-night guided hike can be organised by Wilderness Safaris .


At Lukwe we have maps and plenty information about the Nyika. You can also hire camping gear at Lukwe and we organise the occasional excursion to Nyika National Park.

Lukwe - Chelinda 198 kilometers via Rumphi.
The Livingstonia Trail - 52 kilometers to Lukwe.