Lukwe EcoCamp & Organic Gardens

How to get to Lukwe EcoCamp

Own transport make sure your vehicle has high ground clearance if you come via the Gorode. There are two other routes to Lukwe, especially if you're coming from the south. One is to go to Rumphi and take the extremely scenic dirt road (78 km), in the rainy season you will need a 4X4 vehicle. The other and better option is to turn off at Phwezi and join the back road to Lukwe.


Taxi. Lukwe (0999 43 49 85) can also arrange a vehicle to collect you at Chitimba, but this costs around 50 US$ and it only brings you one way.


On foot. From the main north-south road (M1) between Karonga and Mzuzu the road to Livingstonia turns off at the Chitimba road block, from here you can hike 12 kilometers to Lukwe, climbing gradually 800 meters in altitude, the walk takes 3 to 4 hours.
Backpackers can leave as much luggage as possible at Chitimba Camp , 1 km north of the road block, and walk up with a small bag to Lukwe. Guides and porters can be hired at Chitimba Camp. You can walk down either by the escarpment road Gorode or via an alternative path lions trail.

S10 35.134 E34 07.668


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There is no public transport between Chitimba and Livingstonia, but a few vehicles switch back up and down every day, with an early start you can be reasonably confident of finding a lift.



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