Lukwe EcoCamp & Organic Gardens

Camping at Lukwe EcoCamp

Lukwe-Livingstonia is without doubt one of the most scenic places in all of central Africa, Lukwe compliments this all and is therefore quoted as one of the top ten highlights from Cairo to Cape Town.


Campers with roof top tents find good flat camping sites at Lukwe. A thatched lapa and camper’s kitchen caters for larger groups.

Camping area at Lukwe EcoCamp Malawi
The shady sitting area at the camp site - Lukwe EcoCamp.


An oasis of inspiration for those who want to be surrounded by nature's beauty. And therefore we made sure that all the structures fit in the environment, basic but functional and artistic with an accent on outdoor living,  but still comfortable for anyone not used to the bush.

Lukwe Livingstonia CampPath from the self-catering kitchen to the gardens - Lukwe EcoCamp Malawi


Lukwe has become an ecological mecca, an example of sustainable living. Our aim is to build awareness to the surrounding communities' rich natural and cultural heritage by providing unique opportunities for development in those communities. Lukwe is crucially linked to the conservation of our community's survival as one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in Malawi. Your visit here at Lukwe will only enhance our goal.
Self-catering kitchen at the camp site

The self-catering kitchen at the camp site - Lukwe EcoCamp Malawi

Camping, spaces for rooftop tents, chalets, restaurant, self-catering kitchen, hot showers, clean composting toilets.

Clean composting toilets.

The clean composting toilets. Lukwe Ecocamp Malawi


Prices 2018

Camping, 6 US$ (MWK 4,500) per person.

Our residents can use our self-catering kitchen at the camp site.